Change Log

Version 2.0


  • Add Support for sf cli command (#13)
  • Add Copy All Button to Package.xml to copy all code (#7)
  • Add Copy Types Button to Package.xml to get just types snippet (#7)
  • Add Copy Button to CLI Reference Command to get snippet (#6)
  • Add ability to toggle API Version for future proofing.
  • Add ability to toggle CLI Command to use from sfdx or sf.


  • Clean up UX to be more fluid and updated to latest formats (#5)
  • Clean up repo with more documentation and automation (#4)


  • Fixed Metadata Types not being supported. Now generates available Types based on API Version (#11)
  • Fixed SFDX command reference generation when multiple files are selected. (#9)

Version 1.1


  • Fix Errors with Documents, Dashboards, Reports, EmailTemplates. Added the ability to Select a folder.

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Features Available

  • Ability to generate seleted metadata types for XML or SFDX